Company Environment_WANGE® Education - Building Blocks Sets Manufacturer & Supplier.

Sample Exhibition Hall

WANGE exhibition hall display more than 200 kinds of building blocks. All products come from our independent research and development, design, and production. We have dozens of patent products, thus protecting the influence of the WANGE building blocks brand.


In the product process, WANGE controls the product of every details including the production of products and quality management.

Automatic Workshop

The workshop automatically completes the product manufacturing all or part of the process so that the entire workshop achieves comprehensive automation and improves production efficiency.

Injection Workshop

The advanced equipment and fully automated production of the injection workshops greatly improve the quality and quantity. During the production process, from the procurement of raw materials, testing, and production, WANGE executes strictly quality and safety standards.

Packaging Warehouse

Standardized warehouse management, from warehouse entry to delivery of cargo from storage, ensures that the information can be found and the product reaches the customer destination intact.